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Writing A Press Release

We were asked by the News and Star to write a press release to advertise Degree Show and so, as a member of the writing group, I undertook the task compiling

my first ever press release. It was both a daunting and pleasurable experience, but definitely an invaluable skill to take with me into the future.

Combining the hard work of 20 final year photography students from the University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, the exhibit will be available to the public online and in a physical display.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the Institute of the Arts ceased face-to-face teaching from January to March 2021, resulting in all the students being away from campus, making work in their disparate locations across four different countries, staying connected through online learning, video calls, and group chats.

Institute of the Arts, based at the university's Brampton Road Campus in Carlisle, is referenced in the title of the show, 54.9064° N, 2.9316° W and plays a key role in its identity.

It represents the institution where the students have studied for the last three years and now standing as the central location where the photographic work, created over the past few months, is being brought together.

The collective show is host to a wide variation of content, largely drawing upon notions of human connections with landscape, the home, portraiture, installation art, mental health and dreams.

The previews above showcase some of the work from four out of the 20 photography students, Nicole Greenwood, Johnathan Cartwright, Matthew Cox and Hannah Faith Jackson.

About her, ‘Beyond the Mask’, project, Nicole said: “This project has really helped me to express my feelings and emotions and I hope this project shows people who also struggle with mental health issues, how art/photographic practice can be used as therapy to help with these feelings.”

Jonny Cartwright, said: “This is my first real go at a landscape project and something that I look to expand into my practice.”

The work can be viewed primarily on an online platform, launching on May 28, where each artist’s work can be seen on an individual basis as well as collectively.

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