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Triptych: Walking With A Prime Lens

The advent of interchangeable lenses and especially the convenience of zoom lenses, contemporary photographers may be exploring less, and allowing the lens to do the travelling for them, instead of physically moving closer to the subject.


This project examines the context of a macro image, aiming to convey all that would normally be excluded from the frame. Physically walking closer to something identified within my first image allowed me to see it at its best, but also to identify a further view not previously seen. Applying the same principle to the third shot, I was able to capture a close up of a subject that was not within my view when I first looked through the lens.


It is fascinating to see that the subject changes in a continual journey of discovery, in which the close-up image finds its context and offers the photographer and viewer a broader understanding of the landscape surrounding it. This journey is depicted in the boot prints which serve to link the images.


The restriction of a 90mm fixed focal length lens was self-imposed in order to achieve the desired affect.

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