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Preparing For Degree Show - Fratry

Updated: May 28, 2021

After some slight hiccups and plenty of back and forth phone calls with Adam at the Cathedral we came up with a solid plan for the execution of the showcase.

I created a google form with various different options asking the class how they wished to be involved with the showcase and how they wished their work to be displayed. I received nearly all responses back and having been allowed to spend a morning working in the Fratry measuring and playing around with layouts and I drew up a work-in-progress plan for where everyones work could possibly be shown. Both these aspects helped greatly when it came to working out whose work we were printing and who opted to print their own and how many exhibition boards would be needed.

As part of the process of preparing to exhibit work the university's exhibition boards and book plinths needed to be filled, sanded and painted and then transported to the Cathedral. This was an enjoyable process and was handled by a team of five of us.

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