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Behind The Image - Loch Glascarnoch

Updated: May 28, 2021

Loch Glascarnoch is a freshwater reservoir located in the north west highlands which opened in 1957 to service the Conon Hydro-Electric Power Scheme which brought “Power to the Glens’ and electricity to thousands of homes. In warm summers when the water levels reduce, the old road between Ullapool and Dingwall becomes visible, along with the ruins of crofts and bridges.

The timeless nature of this place was a great source of fascination and I felt it provided a great location for shooting, due to the compositional elements of the vanishing road and the empty expanse around it.

Contact Sheet

I found the images where I was outside of the bed more visually dynamic as opposed to those where I was in the bed itself. This thinking led me to decide on the following image as the final one from this shoot. I feel it holds dream-like qualities integral to the work as a collective.

Final Image

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