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Behind The Image - Spectacle 'e' Falls

Updated: May 28, 2021

Contact Sheet

This was the first shoot where I made the conscious decision to use a model. Inspired by the work of Hannah Starkey and her evocative use of the figure, I decided to place myself within the frame to give the images a greater context and allow for communication between the viewer and the image.

Initial Selection

I tried a number of different approaches before deciding on an initial selection and final image - and got very cold and wet in the process! I find that shooting multiple images for one shoot allows for a richer final image, as I learn on the spot and draw on the mistakes and highlights of all the images in the shoot when setting up my final shot.

On reflection I would have tried to adjust the exposure a little better in-camera, in order to balance out the highlights and shadows giving the image, and therefore the viewer, more information.

Final Image

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