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Peer Review Sessions, Crits + Tutorials

I always really benefit from peer review and crit sessions and it has been a pleasure to have a great deal more peer reviews this semester which have been able to take place in person. Although a critique might appear to be a really scary ad horrible experience it's actually so valuable. Due to the small numbers within the class it proves to be a really rich experience as there is always plenty of time to talk about your work and gain feedback and new ideas. This really shapes my practice and always inspires me to work harder and reach higher.

Tutorials are a delight: 30 minutes of one to one devotion to you and your practice! If it weren't for regular tutorials I would have really struggled with growing my practice from an idea to a reality.

All of the above have been even more important during Covid due to a lack of face to face contact with lecturers and peers and not being able to bounce ideas off each other in the Mac-Lab.


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