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Naming The Project - Terra Nullius

I spent a long time trying to come up with a name which worked for the body of work, and actually came up with a few. Some of the ideas I had were:

  • Seasons Of The Subconscious

  • R.E.M

  • Nobody's Land

  • Restless Nights and Sleeping Days

  • Sleeping Heads and Insomniacs

  • Dreamydays and Restless Nights

Having thought about it a lot I always found myself coming back to 'Nobody's Land', being drawn to the idea that on the WW2 battle fields there was a crossing-over space between the Axis and the Allies known as 'no man’s land' and in a similar way there is an unoccupied, transitional space between our conscious and subconscious states: a threshold where the dreamer has left reality behind, but is not yet in a subconscious state i.e. sleep.

Nobody's Land derives from the Latin phrase 'Terra Nullius' and therefore I chose to name the body of work as such.

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