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Michal Iwanowski - Talk

We have been so privileged to have a number of guest speakers during my time at Uni, but none who gave such a 'real' and personal insight into their work as that of Michal.

"Your pace of thinking is the same as your walking pace"

It was fascinating to hear about his project work which involved great solo adventures across multiple countries always in a search for something. I found that I could resonate with his work in the way that I too enjoy long pack trips where its just me, my rucksack and a big stretch of nothing.

I always struggle to ask questions to visiting speakers but I did pluck up the courage this time and asked whether he ever wished he was with someone to share the journey and the moments along that journey. His response was a short one and consisted of a basic no. He said that he enjoyed the solitude and didn't feel the need to share his highs and lows with anyone directly. He returned the question to me and I begged to differ stating that yes, I too like my own company but I also feel that a shared experience almost makes it richer.

A concept which he spoke about which has stuck with me is that your pace of thinking and your pace of walking are the same - this being so, there is a greater learning and deeper experience which can be gained through walking than it can by any other means of transport. Feet are best.

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