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Location Scouting / Planning

OS Map studying to determine locations to shoot

I thoroughly enjoy planning the locations I'm going to shoot at and it has formed a key process within the project. For the series of daydreams I am after places which convey an ideal, untouched landscape, flooding the viewer with peacefulness.

I want all my images to be captured during daylight hours and although the locations are not necessarily key to the body of work, they unavoidably convey my love for the Scottish Highland landscape and give reference to the widespread, disparate nature of the work central to the idea that dreams never take their recipient to the same place twice.

In order to do this I have returned to the extensive wild land mapping, undertaken by Scottish National Heritage in 2014, a central aspect to my wilderness project work in the previous semester. Thanks to their research, Scotland now has forty-two recognised Wild Land Areas. In essence a ‘Wild Land Area’ characterises the most considerable regions where there is a high level of wildness. With the help of these areas and my own study of Ordnance Survey maps, I was able to pick out a number of remote and tranquil locations fit for the purposes of my shoots.

I planned a number of trips which included several locations to shoot at across the north of Scotland and enjoyed every aspect of the trip, from the planning, to packing the equipment, to travelling, the shooting and finally the editing back at the tent / house.

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