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Email Tutorial w/ Rob Sara

Updated: May 4, 2021

I find any kind of tutorial really insightful, be that in person, online or even by email or phone. The questions posed by Rob in this email tutorial really helped me to develop my ideas and were the driving force behind a big part of the decision making which went into the production process from this stage onwards.

These are some of the key points which resonated with me and fed into the work:

  • Working on location - think about lighting, time of day, and props

  • Transformative narrative

  • Make it the process exciting for me and for viewers

  • Photography has limitations as to what it can show but not what it can represent

  • Express the fact that subconscious states do not have a visible reality

  • What do I want the work to say / represent?

  • Think about placing a figure in the images

  • Allow viewers to project themselves into the images / resonate with the audience

  • Think about the bed as a symbol of sleep - a safe haven

  • Location is key

  • Think about the mood I'm aiming to convey

  • Think about collaboration

  • Research is also key

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