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Designing The Logo + Posters

As an active member of the design team for 54.9064° N, 2.9316° W (Degree Show) myself and two others were responsible for creating the promotional material such as a colour palette, logo, posters and general group aesthetic. This was no small task and there were a lot of hours put in by everyone in order to come up with a design that was working! The thought process behind the design was that the title of the show marks the university building where we all first met and have worked together as a cohort. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have all been working in disparate locations across four different countries and yet are coming together in Carlisle to showcase our work, this is conveyed visually in the arrows pointing towards Carlisle.



Online Poster

The designs were finalised and the group were happy with them, all until the week before the posters went to print when one member of the group decided that having a map was too political and made the show look politically driven. This mean't that all designs had to change and in the end the person took it upon themselves to create a new design which everyone else had to follow.

New Designs

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