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Conveying Seasons - Behind The Image - Winter Pt. 2

Updated: May 22, 2021

When the snow just keeps falling it's a shame not to make the most of it! I was out for a walk in pre-snow conditions when I noticed this stand of three trees and loved the image making possibilities that they opened up.

I waited for some snow to fall (I didn't have to wait long) and walked the route again. As I turned the corner there were the stand of trees with a thick fog surrounding them. Having run all the way home to get the bed, camera and car I began to shoot.


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It was my aim to keep the bed in the distance and make the viewer search for it, as I was aware that in the previous images I have shot the bed has always been very prominent.

Bare feet on snow in sub-zero temperatures is not much fun, and so the shoot was not a lengthy one! In saying this it actually didn't take me long to capture an image which i was happy with. I feel that the more you go through the process of shooting something the easier and quicker it gets, I have experienced this first hand with this project due to the repetitive nature of making the bed up and positioning it and myself within the fame for every shoot.

Out of all the images taken I felt this image identified best, the mood and atmosphere of the place alluding to dream and notions of escapism.

Final Image

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