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Conveying Seasons - Behind The Image - Winter Pt.1

Updated: May 22, 2021

Winter seems to last forever when you live in Central Scotland, but it is a very beautiful and magical time. I wanted to convey something of the dreamy stillness that depends on a place when snow falls and was drawn to this farmers field down the road from my house. As I was setting up the bed, in the early morning sunshine (not warm!) the inquisitive sheep started to gather round me and felt it was cruel not to include them in the shoot.

On Location

I tried several different approaches whilst I was shooting and got very cold in the process, but I always find that, even if you can't feel your feet anymore, it's worth making the very best of the location and time you have.

Contact Sheets

Out of the images taken I felt this image identified best, the stillness and serenity of daydream linking it with the undercurrent theme of escapism.

Final Image

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