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Behind The Image - Castle Stalker

Updated: May 22, 2021

There was snow on the BEACH and there were REAL tears!!

I have never had such cold, or painful, feet in my entire life (which I know hasn't been a long one). Despite the tears and sore feet for days, this has got to have been my favourite shoot out of the project.

Contact Sheets

The west coast of Northern Scotland is one like no other and has a big place in my heart and so I felt it was only fitting to return to Castle Stalker, where I had visited a few times before, for one of my final daydreams images.

I had to wait for ages (almost an hour) for the sun to flash between the clouds for me to capture an image which I was happy with! In the end I couldn't have wished for better conditions, the sea was calm enough for the bed to be reflected in it and the snow covered hills topped off the image.

Final Image

The aim behind the composition was to position the bed in the foreground in order for it to be more prominent than myself, and for me to be trailing the bed sheet as a link back to the bed and to a subconscious state.

The result of trailing a white bed sheet through salty and 'seaweedy' water! - A lot of Vanish was needed!

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