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Behind The Image - Camusdarach Beach

Despite the snow on the hills this was by far the warmest shoot to date and one of the most beautiful locations.

My aim for this shoot was to run along the beach as this is what I always do when I see a long stretch of sand and so it would fit with the recurring themes of escapism and overall dream concept. The reality was that the camera didn't capture my movement and so I chose to walk slowly in front of the camera in order for it to be able to record me in focus.

The Location

I arrived at the beach in the late afternoon with a low sun and it was casting some really elongated shadows across the sand which I really wanted to feature in the final image, and so this was the thought process behind where myself and the bed were positioned.

It was my aim to do two shoots at this location, one being a beach fire, however this didn't work as well as the other and was later discarded from the final edit for the project due to the fact that scale wise it didn't fit with the rest of the images in the edit.

Final Image - Discarded

Final Overall Image

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