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Behind The Image - An Teallach

An Teallach is a majestic, but somewhat dangerous mountain located, southwest of Dundonnell and overlooking Little Loch Broom, in an area often nicknamed the "great wilderness" in the North West Highlands.

The walk begins by climbing up whats called the 'Marble Staircase', essentially a series of large stone slabs covering the lower slopes of the hillside. It was a hot, midge filled struggle to trek the bed so far up but so worth it for the stunning results.

On Location

Having trekked the bed so far, I made every effort to try a number of different approaches before settling on a composition which I felt worked best. I wanted the splendour of An Teallach as a backdrop to the scene and felt it conveyed something of my love for the Scottish Wilderness.

Contact Sheet

Final Image

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