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Adding A Secondary Element - Nightmares

I felt that, after a number of months spent planning shooting and editing, the project needed something extra. I spent a frustrating few days trying to come up with a secondary element to the series of daydreams and finally settled on the idea of nightmares.

I was drawn to the idea that dreams don't only take their recipient to a place of tranquility and happiness, they can just as easily take the dreamer to a dark place where subconscious thought is turbulent and unpleasant. From this, the nightmares section to the project was born.

There were some key distinguishing factors between the two elements, for example:

  • The daydreams were all shot during daylight hours whereas all nightmares were to be captured during darkness or at dusk.

  • The daydreams represent pleasant places to be and evoke feelings of peacefulness, whilst the nightmares are intended to convey despair and/or more scary thoughts and feelings.

  • The nightmares are designed to punctuate the daydreams and disturb the feelings we have whilst looking at the work.

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